Analytic Booking

The Science of Film Booking

25 years ago film buying was not a science. Today, by utilizing the growing network of analytic tools, historic records, tailored demographic data, and integrated social tracking, we have developed a competitive booking platform that will improve box office revenues, and expand your reach as a business.

Centered Around Your Business

We understand the importance of knowing your business when it comes to making the best booking decisions. Every market is unique, and we know that the key to a good booking is meeting the demand of that market. We will work with you to gain a grass roots understanding of your customers and their tastes.

Our Services Include:

  • Advanced bookings for major releases
  • Knowledge of upcoming film product
  • Management of all rental statements
  • Hard drive logistics
  • Effective targeting of audience groups
  • Competitive terms and pricing
  • Special event bookings
  • Theatre and film festivals

To learn more about how our services can work for you, contact us today.