Customer Questionnaire

In order to better serve you, we need to know a few details about your theatre. Please take some time to answer the following questions and submit them online, or follow the instructions on the right to physically mail them to our office:

Basic Information

Contact Name:
Company Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Theatre Information

Number of Auditoriums:
Approximate Age of Theatre:
Number of Speakers Per Auditorium:

Current Projection/Sound Equipment

Make & Model of Current Projectors:
Make & Model of Current Sound Processors:
Make & Model of Current Amplifiers:
Make & Model of Current Speakers:
Description of Current Sound Racks/Mounting Equipment:

Auditorium Analysis

Are your auditoriums equipped with house-dimmers? If yes, how are they set up? (i.e. further explanation)
Are your auditorium walls draped? Insulated?
How are the auditorium walls constructed? (drywall, brick, etc.)
How old are your screens?
What are the approximate gains (reflectivity) of your screens?
Are there speaker platforms behind your screens? If yes, how many?

Important Preliminaries

Have you filled out the digital cinema readiness forms from GDC?
Have you spoken with your film buyer about the transition to digital and booked hard drives for week of install?
Have you talked to Deluxe & Technicolor about receiving trail mix hard drives?

Other Questions

Have you hired a certified electrician to work on installation day? Approximate work time is 2-3 hours of work per screen depending on site.
Is there access to a hardware store in your area?
Is there access to a electronics store in your area? (i.e. Radioshack)
Do you have ladders on site? If yes, how tall?
Have you arranged booth delivery of your new equipment?